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Learning Cohort Overview



The learning cohort program supports teachers in designing high-impact learning environments through various instructional strategies and technology integration tools.  In this 3 month cohort, educators will receive instruction, individualized coaching, and ongoing support as they dig deep into topics that will transform student learning.  

Key Components


Our cohorts provide flexibility for all educators to access material at their own time and their own homes. Cohort schedules include two synchronous virtual sessions, six asynchronous virtual sessions, and one full-day in-person session. Each virtual session is recorded!

Individual Coaching Support

Participants receive two, thirty-minute coaching calls to brainstorm ideas, discuss individual needs, and create a customizable plan to achieve success around your goals throughout the cohort.

Asynchronous Student Videos

Participants have access to our video library filled with pre-made videos that students can watch and learn about new technology tools. Each lesson is interactive and can be "push and play" for teachers who are looking to introduce new tools to their class but prefer to share from an outside expert lesson.

Collaboration and Networking

Collaboration is the key to new ideas and sharing in the ups and downs of teaching. Our cohort participants have access to teachers from geographically different places and can share ideas and connect to inspire and learn from each other.

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